If you are already an established agent or consultant from an insurance, unit trust, bank, mortgage or will & trust company, who is looking forward to have access to a wider range of products or financial services to serve your clients better, I-MAX Financial may be what you are looking for.

Or if you’re currently a CFP or RFP holder or in the midst of acquiring these qualifications, and would like to embark on the financial planning career, we are happy to share with you our journey.

Or if you’re currently a practicing financial practitioner and would like to explore an independent platform, we have express pathway to welcome you to work with us!

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If you are in the financial services industry, ie exisitng Life Insurance/General Insurance agent, Unit Trust Consultants, in the banks customer service or relationship managers, we would like to offer you a free scholarship to pursue professional qualification with our local Malaysia Financial Planning Council.

Or if you’re keen to embark on a Financial Planning career, you are welcome to talk to us on this free scholarship offer.

Find out from us how to get free scholarship to study RFP and being awarded RFP-CMSRL!

The RFP-CMSRL Programme consists 3 RFP modules and the Certification of Proficiency in Financial Planning to qualify for CMSRL:

  • Module 1 (Fundamentals of Financial Planning)
  • Module 3 (Investment Planning)
  • Module 6 (Retirement Planning)
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Financial Planning (CPFP)


  • Scholarship up to maximum RM 5,400 /student
  • Scholarship for recipient to complete: Module 1,3,6 and Certificate of Proficiency in Financial Planning (CPFP)