What are the things you wish to do or achieve in the later part of your life? What are the things you need to plan for? Do you want to own a holiday home in New Zealand, or a farmland in Costa Rica? Do you want to travel widely? What kind of lifestyle do you wish to have after retirement?… And so on so forth…
You may be living an affluent lifestyle, married with children, you may have your own business or in the top management team of a company, but how often do you keep track of your own monthly expenses? Are you in good surplus or in deficit? What is your net worth?
When was the last time you have taken stock of your net worth? Do you know how much are your savings, your investments, the properties you own, car, land, all your assets, as well as all your expenses, i.e. house loan, car loan, water and electricity bills, phone bills, food, leisure expenses?
Is your “Ready Wealth” able to sustain you with the Lifestyle that you desired?
By working with an I-MAX Financial adviser, you would not only know your cash flow management and net worth, but more importantly to give you a reflection of your current lifestyle and whether you are on the right track to achieve your desired lifestyle.