I-MAX FINANCIAL Sdn Bhd offers client-centric advice and diverse independent solutions to clients in the areas of investment management, individual and corporate risk management services and estate planning.


Life Planning

What are the things you wish to do or achieve in the later part of your life? What are the things you need to plan for? Do you want to own a holiday home in New Zealand, or a farmland in Costa Rica? Do you want to travel the world? What kind of lifestyle do you wish to have after retirement? Financial planning helps you to understand your goals better and to create a custom-made plan towards achieving your dreams.

Insurance Planning

Life insurance can be the foundation for you and your family’s financial security. Having a proper insurance coverage plan in place can help to provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones, besides the luxury of leaving a lasting legacy to them.

Investment Planning

Many people are not aware of the many options available for investments in the market. The common dilemma of investment is to choose between fixed deposit and shares, mutual funds, properties or other investment assets. Hence, they usually opt for fixed deposits as it is easy and safe. The challenge here is by putting money alone in fixed deposit although it is safe, the return is low. With inflation as a factor, the real return is expected to be even lower leading to slower wealth accumulation. Here in I-Max Financial, we provide unbiased opinions and expertise on different asset classes on making your hard-earned money works more efficiently.

Will and Trust

Without a distribution plan, there could be disagreements and arguments between your children, spouse, grandchildren and perhaps other relatives about the deserving percentage of ownership over the estate you have left behind. Furthermore your estate will be subjected to a series of legal procedures, delaying further the transfer. Protect your assets and loved ones, by having a will and trust in place to ensure that your wealth is passed on effectively.

Employee Benefits

I-MAX FINANCIAL Sdn Bhd provides staff insurance as part of Corporate fringe benefits. We conduct practical cost-benefit analysis on the companies’ existing insurance policies and structure a competitive plan which meets the client’s financial targets. A robust employee benefits plan is one of the keys in Human Resources to attracting and retaining talents.

Asset Risk Management

In a business, the well-being of your assets is very crucial. Properties such as shop lot buildings, product inventory, transport vehicles, equipment and machineries are just some of your wealth generating assets which may be in risk of damage or loss. A robust risk management plan helps businesses better understand the market value of your assets, and ensure the protection and sustainability of your business in relation to the health and performance of your assets.

Strategic Allicance

I-MAX FINANCIAL Sdn Bhd also works with our Legal Partner to offer some of the legal services which are sought after by our clients as well as working with local and offshore developer on offering property for investment or home ownerships.